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 have clients who really set high standards for themselves: they want to write amazing blog posts, create inspiring music, profound works of art, a thriving business that reaches hundreds of thousands of people.

These are beautiful aspirations, and I love what we are aiming for. It’s amazing!

And yet, if you are setting out to create a masterpiece … what does that do to you when you show up at the blank page or canvas? It can bring immense fear of not being able to produce that masterpiece, or worries of falling short of our hopes and dreams.

These kind of expectations can often crush any creativity we start out with.

So should we have zero goals or expectations, have no standards, and no hopes and dreams? Or should we just not even try?

I say let yourself show up and create, from a place of aliveness. Of play, adventure, creativity, joy. From a place of dance, music, and delight in the chaos of life. From abundance and inspiration.

In the place of creation, we don’t need to burden ourselves with high expectations. See what flows from your heart, imagination, and joyful being.

At some point, we’ll need to bring in our craft, and refine. Edit, toss out, and discern. But not when we’re creating — let that be free and abundant and open!

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