What We Do

We provide de best service and solution for your needs.

Since we are an independent provider for Maritime Communications, we offer you the best possible solution for your needs. 

We install and repair VSAT antennas and Satellite TV systems. We also supply and install IT equipment and network infrastructure hardware and cabling. 


Services in details

VSAT and Satelite TV Installations

Long experience installing and maintaining maritime VSAT and TV systems.

Communications Equipment

We supply equipment according your needs: 

  • VSAT
  • Iridium
  • FBB
  • 3G/4G 
  • Wi-Fi

Airtime Provider

We have an agreement with major VSAT (KA/KU), Iridium and Fleet Broadbrand providers.


A CCTV system will help you maneuver the vessel as well as increase the security. CCTV system can detect accidents, fires and other emergency situations such as “Man overboard”.